Agile Coach Camp CZ 2023

9-11 June 2023

We have happily concluded the 2022 Agile Coach Camp, the next one will be on :
9-11 June 2023. See you there! Registration is open!

What is an Agile Coach Camp?

Agile Coach Camp is a non-profit two-day collaborative Open Space Unconference for agile professionals and anyone interested in transforming and improving themselves, their teams and their organizations.

Attendees bring their own topics, either in the form of presentations or topics/questions for discussions and brainstorming, plus topics can also emerge from conversations in real time. The weekend agenda is established and agreed on site, following Open Space Technology (OST) approach, and is based on the interests, experience and willingness of the attendees.  More info is available on the official Agile Coach Camp website

Why Should You Join or Come Again?

  • To meet new people from our industry: agile coaches, change agents, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, managers, leaders, change agents, developers, testers,…
  • To meet those whom you know already 😉
  • To learn from their experience and to listen to what last year’s participants have learned in the last year
  • To share your (new) experiences
  • To tailor the coach camp agenda and topics to your interest and needs.
  • To spend time with like-minded people, which can be inspiring or refreshing
  • To have fun

When and Where?

June 24-26, 2022, at Golf Resort Hotel Konopiště Resort in Central Bohemia, near Château Konopiště (about 50 km from Prague).  Note: there are 2 places with similar names in the area, our location is at GPS coordinates 49°45’2.840″N, 14°37’45.452″E. See Venue for more.

How Much?

Agile Coach Camp is a non-profit community-organized event. Your entrance fee is paid directly to the hotel, and covers accommodation, food, coffee/tea and snacks. Of course, add to that your travel and beer/spirits expenses. The organizers of the camp do not claim any remuneration and pay for expenses like everyone else.

Expected price for 2023, covers 2 days of lodging, all food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) and swimming pool + sauna:

  • Single occupancy: 7030 Kč (~286 EUR) / person
  • Double occupancy: 5050 Kč (~205 EUR) / person,
    also applies to couples; children are 1000 Kč /child
  • Triple occupancy: 4370 Kč (~178 EUR) / person,
    limited number of rooms, please arrange whom you wish to share the room with and specify their names in your registration form

This price is payable directly to the hotel, and does not include extra drinks and travel expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the language of the event?

The camp’s main events will be facilitated in English. Small group discussions can be in any language the participants choose based on the internationality of the group. 🙂

What should I bring?

Besides your thoughts and ideas, you might want to bring a swimsuit as the hotel has a pool, hot tub, wet and dry sauna and other wellness options. The resort is surrounded by pathways and areas suitable for walking and biking. The venue has a limited number of bikes that can be borrowed, or bring your own.

Can I bring my family members?

This is a resort with a nice pool, sauna, walking, biking and golfing areas. Family members are welcome to join. Spouses/partners will pay the same amount as participants, children pay less, depending on age.