Retrospective – in Numbers

Our first post for retrospective is about numbers and statistics – we take a look at your votes and ratings. Here are the results:

Let’s start with the event itself:

It seems that those, who gave a rating, were quite satisfied. 🙂
on a scale of 1 – 4, where 4 is awesome and 1 is poorthe event received an average rating of 3,21 from 19 votes – and all the votes were distributed between 4 and 3.
The organization of the event received the highest rating – the average is 3,6 from 20 votes.
The topics and content also seemed to meet the needs of the majority of the participants, the average of 20 votes is 3,4.

awesome OK OK-ish poor
event – overall 4 15 0 0
event – organization 12 8 0 0
event – topics & content 9 10 1 0

Now let’s take a look at the venue:
You were happy with the environment of the venue, but much less happy with the food and the accessibility of the hotel.
The average rating for the environment was 3,63 – we had 24 votes and all ratings were 4 and 3.
The accessibility got 2,48 in the end with most of the votes being 2 and 3 – from altogether 23 votes.
The food received the worst ratings, mostly due to the low quality and overpriced lunches.
The average of 24 votes is 2,38 where majority of the votes were 2.

awesome OK OK-ish poor
environment 15 9 0 0
accessibility 1 11 9 2
food 2 7 13 2

And finally, but most importantly 17 of you would recommend the event to a friend and 12 of you expressed that you would come back next year.

Thanks for taking the time to give this feedback to us. 🙂

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