Retrospective 2016

Below are all ideas and suggestions that were proposed. Think about them, we will, when organizing the Camp in 2017. 🙂


Was Good / Keep

  • Email communication
  • Website
  • Slack
  • Position paper
  • Everything OK
  • Active people require little info (I knew just time & location, nothing else)
  • Kept us interested without requiring active participation


  • More communication channels
  • More heartbeat communication – mostly first messages came late
  • Complex registration of accommodation
  • Clarification of costs ( “General expenses (meeting rooms, material, etc.) are covered from sponsorship” – we collected costs for materials in the end, sponsorship was spent on food and accommodation
  • Participants could send photos and we could match them with the position papers -> papers could also be printed and taken to the camp
  • Organizers should initiate conversations on Slack channels
  • Start discussions before the event
  • I did not know to take swimsuit 😦
  • Promote communication channels more
  • Long waiting time for the website


Was Good / Keep

  • Open Space
  • Time slot arrangements
  • Topics + games + format + variation + socialising
  • Timing
  • Warm ups and exercises
  • Facilitation
  • Just enough facilitation (official talks)
  • Session length
  • Open Space format
  • Number of participants
  • Perfect execution – everybody knew how to contribute
  • Fun


  • Marketplace negotiations were not working well
  • Later start on Friday (20:00?)
  • Better summaries of sessions
  • Voting for sessions
    • before session
    • before evening news
  • Shorter coffee breaks
  • Short breaks between sessions
  • Saturday – one longer break for free time and relax
  • No attendee moved to Prague < 3 years ago
  • Use marketplace to guess the number of attendees (somehow)
  • Improve marketplace and indicate if it’s:
    • workshop
    • sharing
    • games
    • etc.
  • Improve marketplace:
    • I offer to share my experience
    • I’d like to learn from others
  • Evening news were too chaotic and not helping
  • 5 minutes breaks between sessions
  • Shorter sessions
  • Do more sessions
  • Arrange some activities for the evening
    • There were a lot: sauna, story cubes, throwing, other games, beer etc.
  • Separate planning session for morning and afternoon
  • More planned agile games

Learning and Contribution

  • Setup of life priorities
  • New games
  • Mental / psy cleanup
  • Tragedy of the commons
  • “Sticks” game
  • Learned that structural change will come
  • People were engaged in the conversations
  • Described the situation of my team
  • Insight to the state of CZ Agile community and market
  • Name game
  • New, wonderful people
  • Agile connection with self-development
  • Variation of topics and different experiences
  • Confirmation of our approach
  • Met people with practical experience – no academics
  • Broader point of view
  • Less control can bring better results
  • Better understanding of how deeply you need to change for adopting agile
  • Our situation looks better in comparison with some others 🙂
  • I can learn what I want
  • Format of (non-)conference attracts active people
  • GM testing
  • Developers point of view
  • Superb people
  • Non-IT people attending


  • Session titles unclear
  • Only few practical tools/games
  • Notes from sessions
  • Summary of sessions

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