Retrospective 2018


  • Try
    • Bring Recycling box for/bag for beer cans
    • Post spa policies/hours in the meeting area

Food and Drink

  • Keep
    • Beer for 20 Kc!
  • More
    • Beer variants, wheat beer + cider
    • Veggies, add salads to dinners
    • Snacks throughout the day


  • Keep
    • Having different facilitators
    • Inviting international participants
    • PPT Karaoke & 360 game
  • More
    • Agile games (evenings)
  • Try
    • End a bit earlier, so more people attend the Retrospective
    • Share takeaways between sessions
    • 1 minute debrief from sessions at end of day
    • Seek sponsorship (e.g. for t-shirts, beers, dinners, workshop before start time)
    • Invite people from universities (priorities to those who are agilists or want to advance their agile thinking)

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