Retrospective 2018

Venue Try Bring Recycling box for/bag for beer cans Post spa policies/hours in the meeting area Food and Drink Keep Beer for 20 Kc! More Beer variants, wheat beer + cider Veggies, add salads to dinners Snacks throughout the day Organization Keep Having different facilitators Inviting international participants PPT Karaoke & 360 game More AgileContinue reading “Retrospective 2018”

Retrospective 2016

Below are all ideas and suggestions that were proposed. Think about them, we will, when organizing the Camp in 2017. 🙂 Preparation Was Good / Keep Email communication Website Slack Position paper Everything OK Active people require little info (I knew just time & location, nothing else) Kept us interested without requiring active participation Improve More communicationContinue reading “Retrospective 2016”